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The conference will take place at the Aquila Rithymna Resort, a 5-star beachfront hotel near ancient Rithymnon town.

Travel to and from the airport is included in conference registration. Please contact Leanne O'Donnell if you have not already with your flight information, and we will arrange your transport with the hotel. 

Please be aware that the hotel requires men to wear long trousers--"pants" for Americans--to dinner. So please pack some whatever weather you're expecting (we're expecting it to be excellent). Note also that the hotel does not have the fastest wifi service in its rooms. We expect reliable wifi access, especially in the public parts of the hotel; nonetheless we recommend conference participants to download large or essential files before arriving in Crete.

If you are interested in exploring Crete, the conferenc is quite near the archeological site of Knossos, an ancient city which was once the center of Mediterranean culture. Buses to Knossos are available from Heraklion, the nearest city to the conference location. Information on archaelogical sites in and around Heraklion is available here. You can find out how to get from the conference location at Rethymno to Heraklion by bus here, although it's worthwhile to note that you fly out directly after the conference your trip to the airport will be provided by us.